Who We Are

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” — Thomas Edison

KnockKnock is a centralized platform to connect home dwellers to a qualified network of pre-screened Knock Knockers to tend to a variety of property maintenance needs in a timely manner. We offer a variety of services at the touch of your fingertips. Just Browse, Book and KnockKnock!

How KnockKnock Works?

Why become a KnockKnocker?

Fill up your schedule, manage it in the palm of your hand, travel less and make more ...

If you want to offer your Services and want the freedom to choose the time and place, then become a KnockKnocker! 

It will provide you with the flexibility to work from anywhere and you don't have to have a set 9 to 5 schedule!

The schedule is all up to you! Join Now! and Become and Knockknocker!

Service We Offers

Browse. Book. Knock Knock.



Do you need a boiler replacement, have leaky faucets and pipes? Hire yourself a Plumber! They will fix those pipes right up for you!



Do you want to use your toaster and coffeemaker at the same time but suddenly your braker jumps and now you are late for work? Hire yourself an Electrician so you are never late for work again! Hire yourself an Electrician!



Is your grass growing so long that your neighbors now think you live in an abandoned haunted house? Hire yourself a Gardener! They will bring back the living spirits back to your home by mowing your lawn and taking care of those pesky weeds!



Some say, a Handyman is a Jack-of-all-Trades. A generalist instead of a specialist. If you need a simple fixer upper for a faulty light bulb, a broken door, or a window that needs repairing, then hire yourself a Handyman!


Window Cleaner

Is the sun shining outside but your window is so dirty that all you see is a cloudy day? It's time to get yourself a Window Cleaner! They will clean your windows and glass surfaces to give you a sunny day!


House Cleaner

Cinderella may not be real, but House Cleaners sure are! If you need to dust, wipe, vacuum and mop your place, or even have to do laundry and don't like doing the dishes, hire yourself a House Cleaner!



Do you have outdated chipped paint on your wall? Hire yourself a Painter! They will make sure to use the proper paint for all the different surface areas and give it a modern look. Now you don't have to watch the paint dry, we will do that for you!



Do you feel rain drops falling on your head inside your house? Do you suspect that your roof is falling apart? Then hire yourself a Roofer! Roofers will install, repair and replace your roofs so that your head can remain rain-free.


Carpet Cleaner

Does your dog like to run dirt over the carpet? Hire a Carpet Cleaner! A Carpet Cleaner uses hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, vacuuming and deodorizing on carpets to create a clean and safe environment for you!



Feeling the stress of moving into a new home? Hire yourself a Mover! A Mover can load, unload, pack items with care, wrap the furniture in protective material and ensure that no items are damaged while moving.